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Most people understand that when you hurt your neck or hurt your lower back, a trip to the chiropractor may be beneficial.  What most people don’t realize however is what you feel is only a small portion of the story.

Chiropractic was first discovered by a man named D.D. Palmer in 1895.  Believe it or not, Dr. Palmer’s very first chiropractic patient was a man named Harvey Lillard.  Harvey didn’t have neck pain or back pain, but lost his hearing after books fell on his head while cleaning a bookshelf.  Dr. Palmer assessed the man, and discovered an area in Harvey’s spine that didn’t seem to be moving normally like the rest of his spine.  Dr. Palmer pushed Harvey’s spine back into the proper alignment (the first chiropractic adjustment) and instantly Harvey’s hearing was restored to 80% of what it was before the fall.  After his second adjustment Harvey’s hearing was completely restored!

Dr. Palmer discovered that there is an intricate relationship between your spine and your nervous system the master control system of your entire body.  Dr. Palmer also discovered if the spine is not properly aligned it can cause stress on your nerves and whatever that nerve controls will not be able to do it’s job at 100%. 

Believe it or not, pain is only approximately 10% of what your nerve system controls.  Your nervous system also controls your internal organs and your muscles.  If the messages from your brain are getting interrupted because of a spinal misalignment, whatever organ or muscle the nerve controls will not be able to function at it’s full potential.   These “function” nerves however can not sense pain, and therefore most people have no idea they have a problem!  Symptoms such as asthma, ear infections, dizziness, indigestion, infertility, migraine headaches, and sinus congestion to name a few all have been shown to benefit from conservative chiropractic care and adjustment.

So chiropractic is much more than neck pain and back pain.  Optimal spinal alignment will minimize stress on your nerve system.  When your nervous system is working the way it was designed, our body has in innate ability to heal itself without drugs or surgery and make us all healthier. This is why conservative chiropractic care and regular chiropractic adjustment is vital for everyone no matter their age.

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