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If you’re suffering from joint pain or back pain, you’ll want to pop in to Proactive Health for an adjustment or massage. In the meantime, a change in diet might be in order. In today’s blog, we’re going to offer up a litany of joint-friendly health foods you can use to supplement your diet.


Turmeric contains curcumin, an anti-inflammatory agent. Turmeric is a spice derived from a root, and it’s common in curries and other spiced dishes.


Ginger is similar to turmeric in its anti-inflammatory qualities. What’s more – ginger’s also great for your tummy if you’re suffering from stomachaches.

Olive Oil

You might imagine that olive oil keeps joints running smoothly, and you’re not wrong. Olive oil has the right fats and polyphenols to keep joint pain at bay.


Inflammation is painful, and it can cause serious health issues. Keep inflammation out of your body by eating nuts. You’ll protect your joints, and you’ll aid your overall health.


Scientific studies tell us that onions may reduce arthritis pain. If you’re one of millions out there with arthritis, toss onions into your diet.

Red Apples

An apple a day could keep the chiropractor away. Red apples contain anthocyanin, another anti-inflammatory device.


Fish are packed with Omega-3 fatty acids. These super-healthy components can aid you in rebuilding cartilage, and they’ve got anti-inflammatory qualities.


Like red apples, berries contain anthocyanin. Reduce your joint pain, and better your joint health with berries.

Those Dark Leafies

Eat like Popeye and enjoy the benefits of antioxidant packed veggies. Dark green veggies can reduce joint pain and aid in joint healing.

Carrots & Sweet Potatoes

Keep arthritis at bay with carrots, sweet potatoes, and other orange veggies. These guys contain beta-cryptoxanthin – another anti-inflammatory chemical.

Again, you’ll need to schedule a visit to your local chiropractor and massage therapist if you’re suffering from joint pain, including back pain and inflammation. But in the meantime, feed yourself the good stuff, and keep those joints happy!

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