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Have lower back pain?  Sick all the time?  Tired?  Overweight?

Exercising is an excellent practice for back pain and joint relief as well as whole body health.  The importance of a steady exercise regiment is too often overlooked in the day to day modern world.  At Proactive Health, we encourage regular exercise programs, and offer several strategies to improve your health and wellness, as well as strengthen and align your back and spine – all while encouraging weight loss and healthful weight maintenance.  As a wellness clinic, our exercise regiments and programs – united with our chiropractic services – allow our patients to address holistic health every day.  These exercises are simple, yet effective – and most exercises can be done at home with the right implements.  Each exercise requires little more than a bit of space (the living room ought to be enough), and a few tools: an exercise ball, yoga mat, and foam roller are a great start.

So if you’re sick of feeling sick, tired of feeling tired, or maladjusted from being misaligned, check out our exercise videos, and talk to us about beginning your specialized holistic body program!  And remember that at Proactive Health we encourage weight loss programs and healthful weight maintenance.  So feel free to contact us to learn more about our exercise regiments, talk about pain relief, whole body wellness, or more.  Or schedule a visit!

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