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If you’re trying to lose weight, inspiration can lead to action. That’s why, at Proactive Health and Wellness, we promote whole body health as well as body therapy that feels great. If you’re in the midst of a weight loss program, it’s good to treat yourself along the way. At Proactive, we provide both – weight loss programs, as well as chiropractic and massage treatments. When you work with us, you’ll couple progress with rewards, which will boost your whole body health. Let’s look at some specific benefits of combining a weight loss program with rewarding your body.

Physiological Benefits

Physiology is the science of living function. When you improve your body’s function, you’ll feel better. Moreover, as your living functions sync (including your hormones, and the glands that produce them), your body will operate better on the whole. That means you’ll raise your immunity to disease and infection. And you’ll have fewer headaches. You’ll have better focus. You’ll have better sleep.

Psychological Benefits

Psychology refers to the study of mental science. Weight loss can work wonders for one’s self-esteem. And more confidence lets you shine throughout your daily social interactions. Couple this with whole body health and relaxation practices (chiro and massage) and stress will be little more than a memory. The whole process is cyclical too: A better state of mind, coupled with better sleep, better focus, and fewer headaches, will further lend to bettering your state of mind.

Hard Work Should Come With Rewards

There’s a reason we get payed to work… Work should come with rewards. And weight loss can be hard work! Reward yourself with chiropractic therapy and massage therapy. Reinforce your positive actions with positive rewards, and start making weight loss an enjoyable part of your life!

Contact us if you’re curious about our weight loss programs, our chiropractic work, or our massage services. We’ll make you healthy, happy, and looking lean!

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