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If you’re considering a weight loss program, you’re thinking about a major commitment. True healthful weight loss comes with dedication and time. Here are a few reasons why choosing Proactive Health and Wellness as your weight loss support program could truly help you look and feel better:

Our Support Keeps You Accountable

Our professionals are here to help you. If you come to Proactive Health and Wellness, we’ll plan a specified regiment to meet your weight loss needs. We’ll set up a program for you to go through over several weeks. Our treatments generally begin with nutrition, followed by purification and dieting, followed by stabilization. We aim to regulate the hormones in your body that regulate your weight. If you sign up for our program we’ll be here to make sure that you see it through to success!

Our Results Extend Beyond Weight

Weight loss may be the reason you’ll call on us, but the benefits go beyond the belt. Through our program, your body will begin to regulate its own hormones properly. That means more energy, better sleep, healthier hair, less headaches, more libido, better mood, better heat regulation, better digestion, less joint pain, and less stress! Wow, will you feel good!

Transitional Exercises

Proactive is unique amongst chiropracters in that we provide chiropractic-oriented exercises. These exercises are intended to pull you out of body maladies you may have. And as your body weight decreases with our weight control program, you can prepare your joints for their new body!

Give us a call if you’re curious about our weight loss program, or if you’d like to schedule a consultation!

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