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A Special Announcement from Proactive Health & Wellness

a special announcement from proactice health & Wellness

**Updated 3/23/2020 – see Dr. Reinhart’s Video about changes on our Facebook Page**

As many of you have experienced, once you walk through the doors of Proactive Health & Wellness for the first time, you become a part of our family. As things develop with COVID-19, it is important to us that the health of our family is top priority. We greatly value the trust you place in us every day as a part of your health routine, and as part of your community and family.We want to first assure you that our office is following recommendations from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO) and the Franklin County Health Department. Our office is concidered to be essential healthcare and we here to serve you. Right now, these recommendations include taking reasonable precautions to sanitize and prevent the spread of any infectious diseases including COVID-19 and we ask you to please reschedule if you are exhibiting any signs of illness (runny nose, cough, fever, etc). 

Our office has been, and will continue with increased sanitizing procedures, especially at our check in station, waiting area, kids play area, and door handles as well as thoroughly washing our hands after encountering each patient. These precautions will require our team’s time, and so, we anticipate wait times may increase slightly, and we thank you in advance for your understanding!

Chiropractic care and massage have been shown to help boost your immunity as we are here to serve you and help you and your family stay healthy. We will be waiving all appointment cancellation fees for the next three weeks, so there’s no worry if you cannot make it to the office due to illness. We will be extending office hours as needed to accommodate social distancing for those that need it. Our office sees a wide range of patients – from brand new babies, to happy growing kids and teens, parents, and even grandparents and we want to keep everyone safe. We will make every effort to accommodate your appointment requests for you and your family’s protection.

Other extra precautions we will be taking during the next few weeks include:

• WAITING: When you arrive for your appointment, please text us at 614-337-8111 and remain in your vehicle. We will contact you when we are ready for your adjustment. This allows us to decrease the number of people in our office at once, and allows for proper sanitizing between patients. 

• VULNERABLE PATIENT TIMES: If you are someone who is at higher risk for contracting COVID19, or taking special precautions (over 60 years of age, have health complications,  pregnant & babies), we have set up special hours just for you. We have opened up times from noon-1:30 throughout the week and would be happy to have you in. We will be locking our doors at noon and giving our entire office a deep sanitizing to do our best to keep things as safe as possible for you. 

• CLEANING: While our office is cleaned all the time, we have increased efforts to sanitize and disinfect key, high-trafficked areas, including adjusting tables, computers, adjusting instruments, kids areas, door knobs, handles, and the washroom.

We will keep extra cleaning spray bottles beside the adjusting tables, please feel free to clean or ask for additional cleaning of the table prior to you laying down if you would like that extra assurance. We promise we do not consider this an inconvenience in any way!

We will also keep an extra cleaning spray bottle with Emily and Savannah at the front – so please ask them if you would like to spray anything down.

Please bring your own baby blankets for your babes adjustments. We wash the tables frequently, but extra precaution is always great.
We have 2 sinks at the office where you can feel free to wash your hands with soapy water, we as a team are committed to washing our hands much more frequently during this time.

• KIDS AREAS: Your children will notice a couple of differences when they come in. We have removed some of the toys from the play area, leaving some of the ones that are most easily cleaned. Those will be cleaned repeatedly throughout the day. We have put the books and coloring utensils away for now.

• EFFICIENCY: One of the concerns with spread of any illness is in having to wait around in the vicinity of large groups of people. While we pride ourselves on trying to be efficient at all times, we are stepping up these efforts. This team is totally dedicated to giving you the care you need in an efficient and effective manner. We don’t ever want you to feel rushed, but we also want you to feel safe and supported in your care. Dr. Luke is happy to answer any of your care-related questions via email or text, after your appointment, instead of during adjustment appointments, thus shortening appointment times and wait times. We ask that you please respect this request so that others are not kept waiting longer than necessary.

Your safety and health are our top priority. Should you have any additional questions or concerns, please message us, or call us. We want to keep you moving in the right direction with regards to your health, but also keeping the potential spread to an absolute minimum.

Lots of love to you all!

Dr. Luke Reinhart and the Proactive Team

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  1. Barbara Hurst says
    Mar 17, 2020 at 12:44 PM

    I plan to keep my appointment for Tomorrow, Wednesday 3-18,8:30

    Mar 19, 2020 at 5:37 PM

    I will have to cancel and reschedule later as have all my grandkids, thanks

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