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About Us

team collageIn practice since 2006, Dr. Luke Reinhart took over Proactive Health and Wellness Chiropractic in March 2015. He had worked in Columbus and Delaware, then discovered an opportunity to serve Westerville, his home community.

Throughout the years, our name and location have remained the same. We’re dedicated to helping as many people as we can and teaching them how chiropractic can keep them healthy rather than concentrating on “sick care” and seeking help only once a problem has occurred. If you’re hoping to reach a higher level of health and maintain your well-being for your lifetime, we’d love the chance to assist you!

An Emphasis on Pediatric Care

Dr. Reinhart is a member of Epic Pediatrics, a group that focuses on the importance of chiropractic care for children, particularly those with neurodevelopmental issues.

We have found that 80-90% of children have some degree of spine and nerve stress simply from labor and delivery alone!  Often times the amount of stress to the spine and nervous system is significantly higher for children that needed to be delivered with forceps, vacuum, or by c-section.  From the moment of this monumental spinal stress, an accumulation of other issues leads to “The Perfect Storm,” resulting in ADD/ADHD, asthma, allergies, autism, sensory processing disorder and other chronic conditions. Our children are suffering from these problems today more than ever before. We want to promote awareness for what parents can do to combat these unprecedented levels and improve their entire family’s well-being.

Changing Lives, Naturally

Dr. Reinhart feels fortunate to have seen numerous success stories happen under his care. One little boy had ADD/ADHD and, like most children with this issue, was running around, yelling and not displaying the best behavior. After he and his mom left the office, another gentleman in the waiting room said to Dr. Reinhart, “Good luck!” in handling a practice member that was so clearly out of control.

“It broke my heart,” Dr. Reinhart remembers. “I knew the boy had actual physical problems, not just behavioral issues. It solidified my mission to educate people on neurodevelopmental disorders.” The young boy slowly started improving as he progressed with care. His teachers asked his mother how he was able to start concentrating in school, listening to teachers and improving his grades.

We Can Help

We would love to help you experience a chiropractic miracle, too!

Another way we aim to help our practice members is through educational workshops. To learn more or schedule a visit, contact our chiropractic care center today!


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