Chiropractic for a Smooth Pregnancy

Sep 13, 2023

Cierra and her sweet family have been coming to our office for years now. Cierra and her son began care when he was just a fresh baby. This pregnancy, she is focused on preparing for the labor and home birth delivery of her dreams. She has been seen regularly throughout her entire pregnancy to help some of the uncomfortable symptoms that pregnancy can bring on, but she knows the end goal is about baby's arrival.

Women who receive regular chiropractic care during pregnancy typically experience 25-30% shorter labors than those who are not adjusted. It's believed this is because of better alignment in the pelvic region, which decreases intrauterine constraint and allows the baby to pass through the labor canal with more ease.

Out Doc Team are all certified in Webster Technique, which is a specific and gentle way of adjusting an expecting mama that keeps the pelvis in alignment, and eases the tightness around the uterus. This not only gives baby the most room possible allowing them the more easily flip to the head down position, but also gives them a easier time on their way out, which can significantly decrease labor and dedlivery time.

Please don’t wait to give us a call and if you’re not local to us, check out our directory and find a PX Doc office near you! We are here to accompany you and your child on your journey toward optimal health and well-being, providing exceptional care for your entire family.

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