Dads Get Stressed, Too!

Sep 13, 2023

Meet Isaac - a busy chef of multiple restaurants and a single dad of two preschoolers - hello stress! 🤪 

Isaac sought care for his son, a toddler at the time, in for night terrors. He mentioned that noticeable success, so they enrolled their infant daughter as well, for general wellness. Our office mentioned our Family Wellness Plans and Isaac decided eh'd begin care as well. Isaac said, "With the all the hubris of a young man I thought ‘I’m just fine, I don’t feel anything that needs working on.’ But I went for it anyway and am immeasurably glad I did".

He said the first thing he noticed was, "How much time and effort Dr. Luke spent, not just explaining things, but making sure I understood as much as I wanted to".

When we asked how things have improved for his family, he said, "Both of my kiddos have been sick noticeably less since we started, night terrors have diminished, my stress and anxiety levels are so much lower, and car sickness 🤢 (which was a huge problem) has completely disappeared".

YES!!! Dads, its ok to take care of yourselves. Life can be stressful and a well-regulated nervous system can be a game changer for everyone in the family! Our top of the line neurological scans can show us how your brain is communication with your muscles and organs and how your body is responding to stress. Come meet with our Doc Team if you're curious how stress is effecting your body!

Please don’t wait to give us a call and if you’re not local to us, check out our directory and find a PX Doc office near you! We are here to accompany you and your child on your journey toward optimal health and well-being, providing exceptional care for your entire family.

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