The Story That Could Have Been So Different

Sep 15, 2023
The Story That Could Have Been So Different
Noah's mom was induced at 41 weeks and when Noah's heart rate began crashing, he was quickly born via emergency c-section. He was born navy blue and was immediately receiving oxygen and whisked away. He had a collapsed lung (most commonly caused from being born too early) and wasn't held by his mom until the day after his birth. His mom was educated on the long-term effects of birth trauma and had him evaluated by the doc team at Proactive at 2 weeks old. He had extreme stress on his vagus nerve, which mom said explained his lack of sleep, limited head movement and constant crying in her 2 week old baby.
Noah is now FIVE years old and thriving! He still sees the docs at Proactive every week. He sleeps great, has reached all milestones on time, and wants to be Dr Noah when he grows up. He has never had an ear infection and although he brings home occasional illnesses from preschool, he seems to recover more quickly than his peers.
When we're able to begin care with babies at their youngest, we can minimize or prevent the "storm" from taking over. Noah's story could have been so different. Based on his birth history alone, we could bet that his nervous system would have remained dysregulated. Kids don't "grow out" of things, they "grow into something else"
Trouble latching becomes colic, which becomes ear infections, which becomes delayed milestones, which becomes major emotional meltdowns and sensory aversions, which becomes challenging behavior in the classroom, which becomes depression and anxiety in teens, which can lead to scary mental health challenges or lifelong medications.
Noah's mama is forever grateful she was educated on birth trauma while she was still pregnant and was able to get the help her little boy needed before his story unfolded any differently. We know there are kids that have the same birth story as Noah every single day, and our office is so passionate at reaching every single family to know that there is an opportunity to re-write the future.

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