No More Reading Tutor

Sep 13, 2023

"Saskia wasn’t far into 1st grade when her teacher pointed out that she was going to need reading support as she wasn’t up to grade level. As her mom, I was disappointed to hear that as I have always loved reading. The school signed her up for extra reading help from special teachers who did a great job at coaching her along.

Meanwhile, I had heard of a story of a little girl who got help with reading from a chiropractor and decided to get Saskia started with Dr Luke who the rest of our family used. She started treatments in November 2020 and her first scan showed her body was in the ‘fight or flight’ mode and Dr Luke worked with her 2 times a week for the first 4 weeks and with her 2nd scan it was clear she was transitioning well with the stress moving away from where it had been originally. Awesome! Then sometime in the 6th week, her special reading teacher contacted me to say that Saskia no longer was below reading level and she didn’t need to continue extra coaching!! I was ecstatic and was blown away at the quick turn around for her! She also is staying dry at nights much more than she ever has and we are so grateful for the help we got from Dr Luke and his team! Well done and thank you!!"

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