Reunited Family

Sep 13, 2023
Vivaan and his family recenlty moved to United States. They were struggling with Vivaan's behavior - he had a very hard time managing his emotions and would sometimes have voilent outbursts of hitting and screaming. He was struggling with his speech which lead to lot lots of frustration for everyone. He was often axious, impulsive, and had a hard time calming down. Sleep was hard for everyone in the family and Vivaan struggled sitting still.
This escalted to the point the parents felt it was best for their younger son to temporarily live with family over seas so he wasn't copying all of his older brother's behavior.
With consistent care, we've seen Vivaan greatly improve in his speech, his emotional control, decreased anxiety and impulstivity, everyone in the family is getting better sleep (which also means better regulated nervous systems), and Vivaan's ability to concentrate on a task has improved greatly!!!!
Things have improved so much that his family is making plans to bring their youngest child home so they can all thrive as family together again!! 🥹💚
We chat a lot about the small things that help a family thrive, but this one really pulls at our heart strings. Being parents ourselves, the amount of desperation you have to feel to have your child live with other family members...and the amount of pure joy and absolute life change it must be to be able to be reunited again!!! It just gets all our feels going!!!
We are so excited for the progress this family has seen in our office 🥹

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