Breathing Spell Relief

Sep 15, 2023
Cara was born April 2020. Her mom noticed right away how “strong” she was as a baby - holding her head up immediately after birth, rolling early, and impressive grip strength. When Cara was a couple months old, she got really upset after her bath, and as mom was trying to calm her baby, her baby’s eyes rolled back and her baby went limp. She came back to it within a few seconds, but it was terrifying for mama. This pattern of getting really upset and her baby “passing out” started picking up as Cara got older. Mom was living constantly in fear that her daughter would injure herself from passing out, and any outing brought a sense of fear because there was no telling when Cara would stop breathing. Shortly after her 2nd birthday, she got upset while swimming, and mom had to pull her unresponsive baby from the water and had to revive her with chest compressions. It was the ultimate fear any parent could face. After many rounds of tests, mom was told Cara simply struggled with breathing spells and not to worry because she’d grow out of it in time. That didn’t sit well with her mama - she told us “she gets so emotional that her little body can’t handle it and completely shuts down…that doesn’t seem right”
We know that kids don’t “grow out” of things, they usually grow into something else and mom didn’t want to wait and see what that could be.
Cara went through an intensive with our office. We completed a neurologically-based scan and could see how confused the messages were in her body. We adjusted her daily until we could see improvement in the communication of nervous system.
It’s been 15 months since Cara’s intensive and she’s still being adjusted based on her body’s needs, and we’re so happy to share, Cara hasn’t had a breathing spell since we began that intensive care!! 🎉🎉
You may be wondering how chiropractic can help with breathing spells…the Vagus nerve which controls our Fight or Flight response, wanders from our brainstem throughout our spine and beyond. It helps control our emotional response and our breathing patterns. Once we were able to help Cara’s Vagus nerve to send clear messages to her brain & body, she could handle those big feelings!!

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