Exploring the Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Colic With the Help of INSiGHT Scans

baby chiropractic colic newborn refulx sleep May 30, 2023

Being a parent myself, I understand the distress caused by incessant baby cries. A whimper may prompt immediate comfort, but when it becomes a daily struggle with discomfort and sleeplessness, it could be a sign of colic. Unfortunately, colic is often dismissed as normal, leaving parents feeling helpless.

Colic, affecting about one in five babies, is more than just excessive crying; it disrupts sleep and feeding. The challenge lies in its frequent dismissal, leaving parents frustrated. I want to shed light on colic's root causes and share insights from a case study, Nicholas, whose colic, torticollis, and discomfort improved with chiropractic care.

The primary missing link in colic is often the nervous system. While nutrition plays a role, the nervous system's impact on digestion, immunity, and motor function is crucial.

Contrary to the common belief that babies grow out of colic, it's an issue that requires attention. Parents are often advised ineffective solutions like letting babies cry or making dietary changes, causing stress. For breastfeeding mothers, giving up certain foods adds to the challenge.

Subluxation, or stress stuck on the nervous system, is a key factor in colicky babies. Babies should spend more time in rest and digest mode, but colicky babies often remain in fight or flight mode due to subluxation.

INSiGHT neurological scans help identify stress on nerves and muscles, crucial for understanding the baby's nervous system functioning. The vagus nerve, controlling digestion, is particularly affected by subluxation, often resulting from birth interventions.

Nicholas's case revealed significant subluxation affecting neuro-digestive function, leading to colic and torticollis. Neurologically focused adjustments resolved the tension, improving sleep, resolving torticollis, and enhancing digestive function.

Pediatric chiropractors aim to address the root cause of colic, using thermal scans to quantify subluxation and develop personalized care plans. The goal is to release subluxation and reduce stress on the nervous system, resulting in a happier, more relaxed baby.

Colic is a serious issue with potential long-term effects on ear infections, behavior, and developmental delays. Early intervention is crucial to prevent these consequences. By addressing nervous system stress through gentle adjustments, pediatric chiropractors aim to improve sleep, digestion, and overall relaxation.

If you're a parent dealing with colic, share this information with others facing similar challenges. Visit our PX Docs website for more details on colic and subluxation. If you suspect your child is stressed, schedule an appointment for a comprehensive examination.

Taking action today can give your child the best start in life by identifying and addressing the root cause of colic, helping them thrive and achieve developmental milestones. Don't wait—act now and support your child's well-being.

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