Hurricane Henley

Aug 18, 2023

Since Henley was just a little thing, her family referred to her as "Hurricane Henley" because she was always in a constant state of "GO"! She wasn't sleeping well. She had meltdowns that would last over an hour. She wouldn't potty train which lead to painful bouts of constipation. She was a very selective eater. Her parents noticed that she was becoming increasingly sensitive to loud sounds, smells and textures. And that she was struggling with Anxiety. Henley's mom watched a workshop hosted by Dr. Luke called "The Perfect Storm" and the lightbulb went off.

Henley's mom was in labor for hours, when doctors realized that not only was she face up, but her neck was hyperextended. Her mom pushed until docs felt bridge of Henley's nose and they realized she needed to be born via emergency c-section. Henley was born with bruising and even a cut on her head from her stressful enterance earthside.

Henley's mom realized that her nervous system had been stressed from the beginning and that her daughter was stuck in "fight or flight" and that chiropractic care could be the answer she's been searching for. Pediatric chiropractic care has been life changing for everyone in Henley's family. Better Sleep. Less Meltdowns. Less Anxiety. POTTY TRAINED! Eating New Foods. They got their Happy Little Girl back and mom saw the Hope she had been searching for.

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