Empowering Your Child: The Key to Supporting Gross Motor Delays and Developmental Milestones

colic crawling delayed speech developmental delays developmental milestones ear infections milestones nervous system plagiocephaly reflux sleep subluxation talking torticolis vagus nerve wakling May 16, 2023

We grasp the multitude of responsibilities that come with caring for your little ones. Amidst the daily hustle of diaper bags and essentials, there's another chart often overlooked—the Developmental Milestones Chart. These milestones, crucial for your child's well-being, include gross motor development, encompassing tummy time, rolling over, sitting up, crawling, and walking. Unfortunately, these milestones are sometimes dismissed or missed during routine well-baby checks.

In this blog, we shed light on the significance of gross motor development and its connection to the nervous system. As a pediatric chiropractor specializing in neurodevelopment, I aim to provide you with insights and answers, particularly if you feel your concerns about your child's motor milestones are not adequately addressed by your pediatrician.

If you're navigating motor development challenges or feeling unheard by your pediatrician, this information is tailored for you. It's also beneficial for parents whose children may have plateaued in therapies like physical therapy. Share this with other parents facing similar struggles.

The missing link we're addressing is often not within pediatrician's offices or therapy evaluations. However, when neurologically-focused chiropractic aligns with movement-based therapies, excellent results can be achieved.

The key to understanding motor development lies in the nervous system. The developing muscular motor movement system is entirely controlled by the nervous system. Stress can impact the central nervous system, leading to tight muscles. Gross motor and structural challenges often have a neurological foundation, with the sympathetic nervous system being overactive, causing muscles to become tense.

Hypotonicity or low tone can't exist without first having excessive hyper-high tone in neuro-spinal and brain stem areas. Central nervous system injuries can result in misalignment, fixation, and tension, known as subluxation. Subluxation in the neck, traps, and shoulders can wind up the sympathetic nervous system, leading to low tone or coordination challenges.

Gross motor development is foundational, paving the way for fine motor skills and advanced neurodevelopment. However, it's often missed, with pediatricians not trained to spot these delays. Birth trauma, such as a stressful pregnancy or intervention during delivery, can lead to subluxation, resulting in weak core and limb muscles.

If your child exhibits signs like colic, fussiness, torticollis, plagiocephaly, acid reflux, or sleep difficulties, these may indicate subluxation. Without addressing subluxation, your child may face challenges in gross motor development, affecting their overall development.

If you've tried various approaches and are still struggling, or if you're just starting, there's hope. Visit the PX Docs website for articles and videos on subluxation and neurologically focused chiropractic care. Understanding this crucial information can unlock your child's full potential.

If you suspect subluxation in your child, contact us to schedule an exam and consultation. Our team can perform an INSiGHT scan measuring neuromotor function, determining subluxation severity. A customized care plan can help your child get back on track with gross motor development and overall health.

Motor development and developmental milestones impact lifelong brain health. If subluxation is hindering your child's development, taking action now is crucial. We're here to guide you in ensuring your child reaches their full potential!

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