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Heart Healthy

F50238BE-151D-4D44-8C65-F73F7FDEA639We all know the tips we are told to stay healthy. We hear things about cancer almost every day. Women typically visit the ob/gyn to screen for breast and gynecological cancer every year. While this is great we still tend to ignore one crucial thing. Heart disease is the number one killer of women! Women (myself included) think very little of our cardiovascular health.
Here are just some small things you can do to stay heart healthy.
• Reduce stress! I know how difficult this is. We have to think of our own health just as much as we do our family’s. Massage is a great stress reducer.

• Watch the diet. Yes something else that can be very hard for women on the go. Small changes make a huge difference

• Get moving. Just 20 minutes a day helps.

• Drink water.

These seem like easy common sense things, but when the kids are little or busy they can fall by the wayside. Make yourself a priority, it is the best thing you can do for your family!

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