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Live with David Avocado Wolfe Feb. 12 - The C-Section ADHD Link


I had the opportunity today to present live on David Avocado Wolfe’s Facebook page (  This month in the office we have been talking with parents about “The Perfect Storm” and how stress (specifically the physical stress of intervention during the birth process) will effect a child’s nervous system.

When I have a child diagnosed with a neurodevelpmental issue such as ADHD, the first question I ask the parents is what was birth like.  While it’s not 100% of the time, by and large the child also will have a history of some degree of stress during the birth process, and often a history of c-section.  This is important in forming a diagnosis and determining if we can help the child or not.

When physical stress/trauma in the upper part of the cervical spine occurs, it often effects a delicate nerve called the Vagus nerve.  This nerve works as your body’s “brake pedal” and the primary aspect of your nervous system in control of rest, digestion, growth, development, and immune system function.

So the story goes like this….stressful pregnancy, c-section, colicky baby, no sleep (for baby or parents), ear infections (often more than one), trouble focusing in school/behavior issues.  If the trauma and resulting nerve stress is still not corrected, often times chronic migraine headaches that start in the teen years is also can happen.

Did you know that the World Health Organization recommends a 10-15% rate of c-section as an “acceptable” rate?( . As of 2015 do you know what the c-section rate was in the United States?  32%!-

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Want to watch the replay of Dr. Reinhart’s live video on David Wolfe’s Facebook page?  The whole video can be found under David Wolfe’s “Natural Treatments for ADHD webpage! Check it out!

Still interested in more information?  CLICK HERE to register for The Perfect Storm, a live online event with pediatric expert Dr. Tony Ebel!

Yours in Health,

Luke Reinhart D.C.

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