Massage Therapy at Proactive Health & Wellness

Considering Having a Massage? 

While there are many different types of massage therapy available, Sarah Nicol, our licensed massage therapist at Proactive Health and Wellness Chiropractic will discuss any health issues you may be experiencing before your massage and customize her treatment to fit you! From neck pain, headache, or low back pain relief, stress management, or just to maintain a healthy lifestyle the benefits of massage are many.

Sarah utilizes her skills and certifications in many types of massage to help your body feel it's best! She offers:

While most of our practice members experience relaxation and relief from as little as one treatment, our monthly massage members tend to experience the greatest benefit.  Our membership is only $60 per month ($20 off our full fee!!!), which pre-pays for one 50 minute massage per month.  Our members can also purchase additional massages at the same member rate.  If you have questions about our membership don’t hesitate to call or email our office.  If you are ready to commit to your health today click the link below to become a member today!