Pediatric Chiropractic Care

If you’ve found us, you’re probably wondering two things:

First, can Pediatric Chiropractic care help my child? And secondly, how does it even work? Well you are not alone! Lots of moms, dads, and caregivers are looking for hope and answers, backed by science that will help them with all the stress and struggle our kids and families are confronted with.

Let’s look at why our kids are struggling in the first place. 

Common Childhood Trauma Can Affect the Spine

Although, bumps, falls and wrestling matches are often what comes to mind with our kids when we think of physical stress. Actual physical stressors start much earlier, most commonly researched as starting during the prenatal or birth process.

In addition to physical stressors, our kids live in a busier, more complex generation than we did. Schedules are packed, social media is everywhere, and food quality isn’t what it used to be. Simply put, we have more coming from every direction, and all combined, it can be overwhelming!

The more ‘stressors’ that build up, the harder it is for our bodies to adapt and overcome, leaving our kids’ nervous system to get stuck on the gas pedal and can’t seem to “turn off”.

How Chiropractic Benefits Children

Think of the spine as not just a collection of bones, muscles, and ligaments, but instead as an entire neurological “organ” that is the key communication highway between the brain and body. When the brain and body can communicate well, kids can adapt to their surroundings better. Adapting is a key word, and why Chiropractic is so helpful to kids. A few reasons why parents might take their child to see a chiropractor are:

  • To maximize and increase their child’s brain and nerve development
  • To enhance their child’s overall wellbeing
  • To strengthen immunity and reduce incidence of colds, ear infections, and general illness
  • To help with a colicky baby
  • To help with asthma, breathing difficulties and allergies
  • To improve spinal posture
  • To assist with behavioral disorders and offer greater emotional wellbeing
  • To help alleviate bed wetting and digestive problems
  • To assist with sleep issues
  • To help improve child’s ability to concentrate


Do Adjustments for Children Hurt?

The nervous system of a child is more sensitive than that of an adult. Thus, kids’ adjustments are different than adult adjustments. Our Doctors are all trained and certified in gentle, neurologically focused ways to adjust kids from newborn all the way to teenager. Adjustments for a baby feel the same as checking to see if a tomato is ripe – it’s very gentle!

Watch Baby Noah Get Adjusted

Interested In Learning More?

We know that if you’re looking into Pediatric Chiropractic for the first time you probably still have questions, and that’s perfect! The moms and dads on our staff would love to connect to help you on your journey or connect you to meet our team at one of our community events or workshops!

Help Your Child Get Off To A Healthy Start In Life

If you’d like to make an appointment, feel free to contact us today to do so! We look forward to welcoming you to our practice!