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The Perfect Storm online ADHD and Sensory Workshop Feb. 8 2018

Did you miss our live online Perfect Storm workshop?  Watch the replay here!

Welcome to The Perfect Storm Live Online Event replay from Feb. 8th 2018. This online workshop is intended for parents of children with ADD, ADHD, SPD, or any other neurodevelopmental diagnoses. Dr. Luke Reinhart of Proactive Health and Wellness reviews the current state of our children’s health, what science is showing is contributing to the decline in our children’s health, and provides real time action steps for parents with children who are struggling.

If you are a concerned parent and would like to schedule and appointment for your child and live in or around the Westerville, Gahanna, and New Albany, Ohio area please request an appointment online.  If you are outside the Columbus, Ohio area please go to The National Wellness Foundation’s website at to find a doctor in your area!

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