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The Perfect Storm

I will never forget my first encounter with a “Perfect Storm” child.  When we met for his exam he was bouncing off the walls hyperactive.  All gas pedal, and no brake.

While I knew there was physically something wrong with the child, I could see the look of judgement on the faces of the patients waiting for their appointment, and the look of embarrassment on the face of the mother who was desperately searching for hope for her son.

This is why reaching those “Perfect Storm” children is an absolute passion of mine.  Raising a child labeled with hyperactivity, behavior issues, trouble sleeping, digestive issues, breathing issues, migraines, sensory processing issues, or whatever the case may be doesn’t just effect the child, it effects the well being of the entire family.   When I have the chance to meet someone (in person or virtually), give them hope, and then guide their child to help them reach their full potential, very little is more rewarding.

Please know there is hope for your child (or potentially you).  Please watch the video below, and if you have more questions or want to talk more please reach out to our team at or call or text us directly at 614-337-8111.  We partner with pediatric chiropractors all over the world, so even if you aren’t close, we will do our best to help you find someone who can!



Yours in Health,

Luke Reinhart D.C.


P.S. If you mention you would like to schedule a virtual consultation with myself when you call or email our office we will try to schedule you ASAP.  I block several appointment hours each week specifically to help children and parents as soon as we can.

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