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What type of massage do you need?

Untitled design“Swedish”
Swedish is the most well known massage technique. It is what you think of when you are looking for “head to toe” bodywork. Primarily it is used for relaxation. It is great for the first time client because it demonstrates what massage has to offer.

“Deep Tissue”
Deep Tissue is similar to Swedish with the primary difference being, you guessed it, deeper pressure. The pace is also slower to ensure affecting the deepest layers of muscle tissue. That being said, typical deep tissue sessions only work two to three areas, rather than full body. If you are looking for a full body deep tissue, longer sessions are a great option.

This massage takes deep tissue to the next level. Neuromuscular massage focuses on hypersensitive points in the muscle caused by overuse or stress. This is typically what you are feeling when you have a “knot” in your muscle. This is not a technique that is necessarily used for a full body massage as much as it is incorporated with into a Swedish or deep tissue massage.

Any level of athlete can benefit from sports massage. Whether it is pre event, post event, or for maintenance during a training period, massage can help maximize athletic performance. Sports massage works through knots (similar to neuromuscular) to work the deeper layers (similar to deep tissue). A massage therapist performing sports massage will usually recommend a series of sessions tailored to the athletes goals.

The use of essential oils is becoming very popular. They can be used for a variety of ailments. The massage room is the perfect place to utilize these amazing products! Your therapist can add a few drops of oil into their massage lotion during a Swedish or deep tissue massage. Another option is using a diffuser in the massage room. This will disburse the aroma throughout the room.

We love to treat our expectant mommies! During the nine months of pregnancy, there a plethora of changes (physically, mentally, and emotionally) happening to the mother to be. The massage therapist uses pillows to keep mom (and baby) comfortable and healthy. As the pregnancy progresses, the technique and pillows arrangement are adjusted to accommodate mom’s changing body.

The first eight weeks of a baby’s life are full of brand new experiences. We can teach the child’s parent or caregiver basic massage techniques to help sooth the baby. This will lead to better eating habits, more restful sleep, and improved growth. One of the strongest benefits of learning to massage your baby is the extra bonding time you will have.

Looking for a way to make your next corporate or bridal shower extra special? Consider hiring a massage therapist to bring their massage chair! We bring our own specialized portable chair designed for relaxation. Give us a call and a small space and let us do the work. Let us show you just how much benefit can be received in just fifteen minutes.

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