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A Love for Pediatric and Family Care

"Every day I hear story after story from patients and parents explaining how chiropractic wellness care has changed their life, and the immeasurable impact it has had on their entire family. Every day the results we get with chiropractic amaze even me, and I make it my mission as aĀ Westerville chiropractor to show up every day, dedicated to bringingĀ Hope. Help. Answers. to as many families as I can".Ā 

Dr. LukeĀ took over Proactive Health and Wellness just as his second son was born...4 weeks early. He jokes that he understands stress because that was a time he definitely needed chiropractic care to ease his fight or flight response in daily life. But that stress ultimately changed the direction of his chiropractic career. After experiencing life with two kids, and helping a few families get great results with chiropractic care, he decided to pour all of his energy into helping other local families.Ā 

Gaining an Education in Natural Health

Dr. Reinhart attended Ohio State to complete his pre-chiropractic education, then enrolled at the prestigious Palmer College of Chiropractic in Iowa - the birthplace of chiropractic! He graduated with a Doctor of Chiropractic in 2006, then returned to Ohio to serve his home area. Since getting his doctor of chiropractic, he has continued his education by becoming certified in the Webster's Technique (a safe and specific way to adjust pregnant mamas).

Since that time, he has served on the board of the Ohio State Chiropractic Association and the Ohio Public Health Association and had the honor of being named Central Ohio Chiropractic Association Chiropractor of the Year in 2014 and The Ohio State Chiropractic Association District Director of the Year in 2015.

His passion for pediatric and family wellness has led him to now teaching other chiropractors at Life University about the way we care for our families at Proactive Health & Wellness!

While chiropractic in general is helpful in many cases, our expertise and level of specific neurologically-based care allows us to get the highest level of results in all areas, while maintaining incredible safety and satisfaction.

Our practice is very dedicated to caring for all sorts of challenging cases, we continue to provide amazing results for a variety of general pediatric and family conditions – colic/reflux, difficulty nursing, ear infections, chronic immune challenges, constipation, bed-wetting, and so much more. On top of all that, just about one third of our entire practice sees us on a regular basis for wellness care – focused simply on staying healthy for life!

Dr. Luke feels incredibly blessed to have an extremely family-friendly office that provides care to the entire family. He makes it a priority to always put education and empowerment first, and spend as much time as he can conveying a message of health and hope to our patients and my community. He has made it his mission to make sure the next generation of children have a vision of health and wellness that is way beyond what we currently have.

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Enjoying an Active Life in Westerville

Anyone that knows Dr. Luke, knows that FAMILY COMES FIRST! Dr. Luke has been married to his beautiful wife, Cheryl, for over 10 years and they have two young boys, Hudson and Owen. He spends every moment he can with his family, and much like other parents, he even got a taste of being the "teacher" for his kids in 2020 when they were learning from home.

Dr. Luke is pretty big into sports and he's quite obessed with following his favorite team - THE Ohio State University Buckeyes! Dr. Luke loves catching games of golf with his friends, spending time with his extended family, and being outdoors. His family attends St. Matthew’s Catholic Church in Gahanna and he feels so grateful that his calling has been to help other families through chiropractic care.

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