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Dr. Luke Reinhart and Dr. Lydia Solden are very passionate about helping you and your family reach your health and wellness goals. At Proactive Health and Wellness Chiropractic you’ll find an open, welcoming environment with people who care. Learn more by reading the reviews of people we’ve helped.

“Dr. Reinhart takes excellent care of myself, my husband, and our two young boys! He is very patient with children and thorough in his explanations during our appointments. Definitely goes above and beyond for personalized care.”

Allergy & Wheezing Relief

Lucy was diagnosed with “allergies” and wheezing since she was born 9 months ago. After multiple trips to various specialists with no answers and more frustration, Lucy’s mother actually found something that worked!

Find out how a pediatric chiropractic adjustment allowed Lucy to recover!



Sweet Dreams After Traumatic C-Section

Noah came to us at 3 weeks old after his c-section birth. He had severe nerve stress on his upper cervical spine (he was pulled out his mom by his head and neck so we’re not surprised by the stress there). He had become increasingly fussy, reluctant to sleep, and only looked to the right. After his first adjustment, mom immediately noticed an improvement in his sleep, and a year later he is still being adjusted regularly – he’s hitting every milestone early, and is a very calm & attentive little boy who loves hanging out with Dr Luke! And mom loves that he sleeps through the night most nights!

Watch Baby Noah Get Adjusted

Better Classroom Behavior 

Graham was having a difficult time sitting, focusing, and behaving in school. He typically would earn 4-5 “smiley faces” from his teacher out of 10 (the more smiley faces you earn per day the better your focus and behavior). While Graham was always a good kid, controlling his body for extended periods of time was always a challenge.

Since starting care, Graham, his parents, and his teachers have seen steady continual improvement in his focus, anxiety, behavior, and body control! Graham now is consistently having 9-10 “smiley face” days and is even bringing home notes from the teacher sharing how kind he is to the other students in his classroom! Way to go Graham!!!!


 “Dr. Luke and his team are beyond amazing. Being a mom to four boys with three having different brain injuries has created a challenging journey. We have seen many chiropractors for care to help heal our boys. Dr. Luke has been the turning point in their healing. He has brought so much hope in our overwhelming days. Dr. Luke is able to personally individualized the care for each of my boys. After 8 years of beyond numerous doctor appointments and therapy visits, it’s such a great feeling to know that their could be a end in site. I highly recommend Dr. Luke and encourage you to give chiropractic care a chance. It’s life changing! Thanks for the gift of hope and healing. It’s so wonderful to say more often, the boys had a great day today!!! It’s nice to be living and enjoying my journey with them.” -Chris & Theresa

Making Leaps & Bounds in Reading Skills

“Saskia wasn’t far into 1st grade when her teacher pointed out that she was going to need reading support as she wasn’t up to grade level. As her mom, I was disappointed to hear that as I have always loved reading. The school signed her up for extra reading help from special teachers who did a great job at coaching her along.

Meanwhile, I had heard of a story of a little girl who got help with reading from a chiropractor and decided to get Saskia started with Dr Luke who the rest of our family used. She started treatments in November 2020 and her first scan showed her body was in the ‘fight or flight’ mode and Dr Luke worked with her 2 times a week for the first 4 weeks and with her 2nd scan it was clear she was transitioning well with the stress moving away from where it had been originally. Awesome! Then sometime in the 6th week, her special reading teacher contacted me to say that Saskia no longer was below reading level and she didn’t need to continue extra coaching!! I was ecstatic and was blown away at the quick turn around for her! She also is staying dry at nights much more than she ever has and we are so grateful for the help we got from Dr Luke and his team! Well done and thank you!”

Cancelled Ear Tube Surgery

"Dr." Bea always likes to make sure her toy's are well adjusted, just like her. When she first came to the office she had been suffering with chronic ear infections, and her parents had a surgical consultation for ear tubes scheduled for her. Bea is happy to share that since starting conservative chiropractic care, she has had almost no ear infections, and her surgical consultation was cancelled!

 “Very personable staff and Dr Luke is the best and most knowledgeable chiropractor I’ve ever met. I have come a long way from my first visit and I couldn’t be happier!” -Nick

No Helmet Needed

Meet Monroe, the sweetest little baby, who also was having a very hard time moving her head due to Torticollis. We often find when the nerves in the upper part of the neck are irritated, muscle spams are a common result. Monroe‘s first scan shows SEVERE stress in her cervical spine (neck) before she started care. The second scan is Monroe’s most recent. All of her severe nerve stress is gone, and as the nerve stress has resolved, so did her Torticollis!      

Healthy Habits for a Healthy Life

“Several years ago, I injured my back and later was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease with lumbar spinal stenosis. In April 2017 the pain become increasingly debilitating to the point that I was unable to sit up, go to work or complete basic health care.

After hearing that surgery was my only option I decided to try chiropractic treatments and a friend referred me to Proactive Health & Wellness. It is now August 2018 and this journey has been very rewarding. From my first appointment, I believed that chiropractic care would be successful for me. Every step of this journey included various exercises as well as health &wellness opportunities. Not only am I getting physically better, my mindset has changed regarding my overall health.

Working with Dr. Reinhart has helped me to manage my daily back pain without medication or back injections. My biggest accomplishment was being able to ride a bike for 10 minutes which I haven’t been able to do in over 4 years.

Dr. Luke Reinhart is top notch in chiropractic care and his staff are very instrumental in the success of Proactive Health & Wellness. The massages are therapeutic & the office environment is welcoming. My progress has been very encouraging to not give up and keep a positive outlook!”

 “My 18 month old son was having severe stomach issues. A coworker recommended that I try this place out. There was a huge improvement after just his first appointment with Dr. Reinhart and he’s had no issues since. All of the staff have been wonderful to work with! My husband and I were so pleased that we are now patients ourselves.”

No More Melatonin

“I cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr. Luke and everyone at Proactive Health and Wellness. Dr. Luke takes the time to discuss issues and concerns every single visit and I never feel rushed. My young boys absolutely love going and we have all benefited from regular adjustments. My youngest son went from waking 2-4 times a night to sleeping through the night consistently and my older son can now fall asleep on his own without the help of melatonin. We are so lucky to have found them!”

Audios, Colic! 

Isla just celebrated her 5th week of life on the outside when she first came to visit us. During her initial exam her mom said almost every night Isla would scream uncontrollably, and could not be soothed.  Mom also noticed that Isla would only hold her head to the right.

After a gentile pediatric chiropractic adjustment (we use the same amount of pressure to perform the adjustment as if we were checking to see if a tomato was ripe) Isla is a new baby!!!!Sleeping better, no inconsolable shrieking, and more smiles than ever!! Which also makes the rest of family feel better, too!

“Dr. Reinhart has not only helped me be able to move without being in pain, but also helped my depression and anxiety. I initially came to try to get some hip pain resolved. That’s when I found out that there was more going on than just my hip. I had never heard of Chiropractic care helping with anxiety and depression, but I can tell you that it definitely does! I trust Dr. Reinhart to provide excellent care for not only myself but also my 10 year old daughter.” – Casandra

Technology To Show Postpartum Pain



This expecting mom came to our office a little over half way through her pregnancy (top left image). She had severe rib pain that made sitting unbearable, and like all pregnant moms, her hips were sore. She began coming in weekly and we re-did her thermal scan just before she delivered (top right image), you can see that her hips were no longer causing nerve stress even though she was 36 weeks pregnant, and her rib pain improved. She stated that she carried her baby really high, so that rib pain was expected. This patient began coming in every 4-5 days during the last trimester of her pregnancy.

Then, she had her baby boy and her body began shifting once again (bottom left image). She came in for an adjustment every 2 weeks postpartum. That rib pain, totally gone…hip pain…also gone…she did notice what she referred to as “breastfeeding neck” – she was constantly looking down at her baby while he nursed (which she stated was pretty much all day and night long ) and it took it’s toll on her neck!

Now, at 11 months, postpartum, she’s still nursing that baby, and they both come in for adjustments. She’s 1-2 times per month, and the baby is 3-4 times per month…but look at her progress (bottom right image), there’s is MINIMAL nerve stress on her scans!

We love seeing progress like that and it’s such a useful tool to understand what’s going in your body and how we can build a specific treatment plan to get you feeling your best! Mamas, let us help you feel better while you’re working hard at growing a human and postpartum!

“He’s a genuinely great doctor, over the years my respect for him continues to grow and grow. He thrives on learning and giving his patients the best care. I highly recommend and always recommend, Dr. Reinhart.”

Better Sleep & Less Meltdowns

Thea has been coming to our office for awhile, but when she began, she wasn’t experiencing neck pain or back pain, but had been consistently waking up 5-6 times per night!

Her exam showed stress to the nerves in her neck that work as the body’s “brake pedal” (aka parasympathetic nervous system).

Thea was happy to announce that she got her jelly beans (award for staying in bed all night) every night since her first gentile pediatric chiropractic adjustment! Mom also reports significantly less meltdowns after a quick family get away!


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"Hurricane Henley"

Since Henley was just a little thing, her family referred to her as "Hurricane Henley" because she was always in a constant state of "GO"! She wasn't sleeping well. She had meltdowns that would last over an hour. She wouldn't potty train which lead to painful bouts of constipation. She was a very selective eater. Her parents noticed that she was becoming increasingly sensitive to loud sounds, smells and textures. And that she was struggling with Anxiety. Henley's mom watched a workshop hosted by Dr. Luke called "The Perfect Storm" and the lightbulb went off.

Henley's mom was in labor for hours, when doctors realized that not only was she face up, but her neck was hyperextended. Her mom pushed until docs felt bridge of Henley's nose and they realized she needed to be born via emergency c-section. Henley was born with bruising and even a cut on her head from her stressful enterance earthside.

Henley's mom realized that her nervous system had been stressed from the beginning and that her daughter was stuck in "fight or flight" and that chiropractic care could be the answer she's been searching for. Pediatric chiropractic care has been life changing for everyone in Henley's family. Better Sleep. Less Meltdowns. Less Anxiety. POTTY TRAINED! Eating New Foods. They got their Happy Little Girl back and mom saw the Hope she had been searching for.